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How OReGO works - Azuga option
Graphic from the OReGO Azuga option. Watch the Enroll with Azuga video.
*The ODOT Account Manager (emovis) does not collect location information, only miles driven and fuel consumed. The commercial account managers (Azuga and emovis) offer a GPS-based system.

OReGO means roadways will be there for Oregon drivers.

OReGO is the Oregon Department of Transportation’s new road usage charge program – designed so you pay by the mile instead of by the gallon. When you join OReGO, you will only pay for the miles you drive. It’s a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance, preservation and improvements for all Oregonians.

Tom Fuller's videos show you how easy it is to go with OReGO. Watch how to Enroll with OReGO.


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