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Choose the emovis Post-paid option and enjoy the journey with the DriveSync suite of intelligent connected car services.

GPS-enabled device options:

  • Urgent.ly intelligent roadside assistance: Offers complete peace of mind on your journey through roadside assistance with no on-going fees.
  • Know My Drive and Smart Service featuring RepairPal: Allows you to locate a trustworthy repair center and arrive fully informed about your repair codes so you can be one step ahead of the repair shop.
  • Find My Drive: Provides you with the last known location of your vehicle along with a map and navigation back to your vehicle.
  • Trip IQ: Provides a complete list of your trips so you can learn from your everyday journey — captures distance, trip duration, trip map (road and satellite views), and start-end locations along with time stamped and graded driving score and driving events (acceleration, braking, cornering, speed versus posted speed limit.)
  • Top Driver: Offers smart coaching and feedback to help you become a better, safer driver with an optional points-based, leaderboard system that ranks you compared to all DriveSync users or nearby drivers (using ZIP code or postal code.)
  • Incident Assistant: Works as your personal assistant to navigate you through the information collection process by recording information about license, insurance, vehicle damage, and injuries using a combination of photo capture and easy-to-use forms and diagrams.

Coming Soon:

  • Trip Tags: Helps you stay organized and manage business and mileage reporting.
  • Driver ID: Senses who is driving, making it possible to extend services to other drivers.
  • Trip Trends: Provides progress reporting on safe driving behavior over time.
  • Driving Coach: Helps you understand driving behavior and provides tips and feedback.

Learn more about features at www.drivesync.com.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

For information about requesting non-public road mileage refunds, contact ODOT directly at 503-986-7827 or MyOReGO@odot.state.or.us

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