OReGO (ODOT/emovis) Option

ODOT Emovis Vendor
Choose the OReGO option offered directly from the Oregon Department of Transportation and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a simple solution. The OReGO option:

  • Is open to all Oregonians.
  • Does not use GPS (vehicle location technology).

After your enrollment, you will receive an easy-to-install mileage reporting device (MRD) in the mail. This MRD can be plugged into your vehicle in just a few minutes. Once installed, the MRD determines miles traveled without disclosing where you drive. You can also follow your daily mileage online. The information will be summarized in your quarterly statement.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards.

Since the device does not collect location information, you will need to submit a form to obtain reimbursement for non-public and out-of-state miles driven. Email us at: MyOReGO@odot.state.or.us or call 503-986-7827.

This OReGO option is delivered through a partnership with emovis, a global road charging expert, and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a technology leader in connected car and telematics systems.

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