What you get with OReGO

How OReGO works - Sign Up Steps

Oregon is the first state in the U.S. to adopt a road usage charge program – an innovative way to pay for our transportation system needs. OReGO participants pay a per-mile fee instead of the traditional fuel tax, and receive a tax credit for fuel used. In addition, some vendors offer features like Trip Logs, Check Engine Light Decoder, Find My Car, and Badges that unlock for good driving behavior. You can even compete with friends and family to see who can unlock the most badges.

How OReGO works

ODOT evaluates vehicles for participation in OReGO based on the following legislative requirements:

  • No more than 5,000 cars and light-duty trucks may participate in OReGO.
  • No more than 1,500 vehicles rated at less than 17 mpg.
  • No more than 1,500 vehicles rated from 17 to less than 22 mpg.

If you are an Oregonian ready to make history, sign up now!. You can also stay active on the Interest List for program updates.

How to set up your OReGO account

Oregonians need choices for mileage reporting and payment, just as they do for other services such as cell phone plans, cable or satellite TV and utility charges. ODOT has partnered with private vendors to manage participants’ OReGO accounts, and to also provide an ODOT-sponsored option. You’ll select a mileage reporting device and service plan that works best for you. Check out our vendor choice page for more information.